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H Apartment , TLV

Apartment interior design and styling in Tel-Aviv

In this lovely apartment I was asked to offer a design for the kitchen area while maintaining the original flooring in the living space. The planning included the demolition of the kitchen space and the walls, the design of a new kitchen and its harmonious connection to the existing living space.

Unlike a complete renovation of an apartment or full renovation of the living space area that includes a kitchen, the requirements here were to deal with a specific designated area without changes to the rest of the house and to relate in terms of design to existing materials and shades.

The shades in the kitchen carpentry were matched to the living space and were made in a light stone grey shade with a dark surface cladding .the same materials were used on the wide kitchen island.

The kitchen floor was designed as a “carpet” with a brass detachment profile and a tile-patterned tile in shades that match the existing flooring in a way that delimits the kitchen area but maintains a color uniformity with the rest of the flooring.

Between the building columns I added a cornice which defines the kitchen area and also produces a frame for the wall cladding.


Itzik Albo

Interior design

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