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About our studio

Born in Israel 1973 Holds a B.A. in interior design from the Holon Institute
of Technology (HIT)
In 2012 I established ‘Itzik Albo interior design’ studio

After years of specializing in the local and international design market,

dealing with costumers and artisans, I acquired vast professional knowledge
in the planning and design of smart and chic interiors, as well as thorough
understanding of high-end manufacturing,
exclusive materials, colors and up to date textures.

The studio based in Tel-Aviv,is a full service interior design studio for residential and
hospitality projects.Offering a ‘turn-key service’ and providing an attentive
personal approach with wide spectrum of solutions to improve
the interior space from concept to post construction.

My mission dwells in the golden triangle realm of aesthetics, usage and
individuality, characterized in attention to the smallest details, colors and materials as parts of
a complete picture, creating chic cozy environment which aspires to express the unique
personality of each client.

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